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      George Henry Emery was born c May 1847 in Leigh on Sea, the eldest son of George Emery and Sarah Ann (nee Bragg). He was a fisherman as indeed were his forefathers going back in Leigh on Sea as far as, at least, 1650. On 1st August 1869, at St Clement's Church, Leigh on Sea, he married Eliza Ann Murrell. Eliza was a daughter of Edward Murrell and Anna Sophia (nee Fairchild), another fishing family.

        George Henry Emery b: Abt. 30 May 1847 Leigh on Sea d: Abt. 1941, m: 1 August 1869 in St Clements, Leigh on Sea, Eliza Ann Murrell

        1. Frederick Charles Emery b: Abt. 27 February 1870 Leigh on Sea
        2. Nellie Laura Emery b: Abt. 30 June 1872 Leigh on Sea
        3. Arthur Sidney Emery b: Abt. 28 March 1875 Leigh on Sea m Lu
        4. Elsie Laura Emery b: Abt. 29 January 1877 Leigh on Sea
        5. May Elsie Emery b: Abt. 22 September 1878 Leigh on Sea
        6. Florence Alice Emery b: Abt. 26 December 1880 Leigh on Sea
        7. Henry George Emery b: Abt. 29 July 1883 Leigh on Sea
        8. Frank Alfred Emery b: Abt. 27 September 1885 Leigh on Sea
        9. Amy Sarah Emery b: 24 August 1888 Leigh on Sea d: 7 November 1970 Southend on Sea, m Harry Holdsworth Mason b: 23 March 1879 Twickenham d: April 1954
        10. Mary Emery b: Abt. 1889

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