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    Philadelphia Maynard was baptised at St Clement Dane's, Westminster, on 30 April 1618, the daughter of John Maynard, gentleman. She was related to Sir John Maynard, 1602-1690, the King's Principal Serjeant at Law. Her second son, the Reverend Thomas Holdsworth, in his will, bequeathed to his son, Edward:

      the mourning Ring which was given to me at the funeral of my late near Kinsman and Bountiful Patron and Benefactor Sir John Maynard Knight who (with the most hearty gratitude I desire to mention it) maintained me in Exon: College in Oxon: till I took the degree of M. A. and then freely and unasked presented me in Right of his wife the Lady Margaret Maynard to the Rectory of North Stoneham

    In the early seventeenth century, there were several members of this Maynard family named John and it is not clear, from the Baptismal Register, which was Philadelphia's father. Her mother's name is not given.

    It is unlikely to have been Sir John Maynard, Serjeant at Law. He would have been rather young. According to Boase's Register of Rectors of Exeter College, Oxford, Sir John was at that college in 1618, aged 16. He entered Middle Temple in 1619 and was called to the Bar in 1626. Sir John Maynard did not mention any of Philadelphia's children in his will.

    Sir John had two cousins both named John. One, born in 1596, was the son of his uncle, Thomas. The other was born in 1592, the son of his Uncle John. The latter cousin also went to Exeter College, Oxford, obtaining his B.A. on 15 June 1616. He became Rector of Goodleigh, Devon, but died when quite young, in 1625.

    Philadelphia Maynard married John Holdsworth on 7 April 1645 in Holbeton, Devon. They had four children.

    As a widow, on 27 February 1663/64, she married Tristram Brown at Modbury, Devon.

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