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Save Shoebury Common

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Many thanks to the 2,589 people who signed our paper petition


to the 547 who signed our e-petition on HM Government Website

We await the findings of the Council's review

The Council's Preferred Option Negative Impact on Shoebury Common Alternative schemes that would have little or no impact on Shoebury Common Shoebury Common, Our Legacy The Risk of Flooding from the Sea Events
The Council's Alternative Options The BERA Scheme Raising the Promenade

The Council welcomes your feedback, contact details below:

  • Southend on Sea Borough Council
    Department of Enterprise, Tourism and the Environment
    Civic Centre
    Victoria Avenue
    Southend on Sea
    SS2 6ER

  • Mr Richard Atkins
    Southend on Sea Borough Council
    Department of Enterprise, Tourism and the Environment
    Civic Centre
    Victoria Avenue
    Southend on Sea
    SS2 6ER

  • The Local Councillors


    Hundreds support seawall petition

    A petition calling for a public inquiry into Southend Council's handling of the controversial Shoebury seawall has attracted hundreds of signatures within days.

    "We feel very strongly the scheme is wrong for this area and are well aware of the strength of feeling of so many people who are really upset by the prospect - after all, 2221 people signed letters objecting to the plan and only four were in favour.

    There are other schemes that could be implemented here and give the same level of protection. We want all the alternatives considered in a fair and impartial way."

    Southend Echo, May 9th 2014

    Seawall plan should face more scrutiny

    "As more and more details about Southend Council’s preferred option of sea defence, a seawall/embankment on Shoebury Common, are emerging, the impact of the whole scheme is becoming more and more worrying.

    Is it not time to call a halt and allow all the facts, including alternative options, to be judged by an independent body in a fair and impartial way?

    At the meeting on 9th April 2014, the council said the soil to be spread over the Common was 85% granular and not clay. However, the council’s own report on that same meeting describes the soil as clay.

    The report recommended a “management plan for the disposal of surface water flows” to “reduce the possibility of surface water flooding”. It is good to see the council recognises that rainwater will cascade off the new embankment into the road and possibly into the gardens of properties adjoining that road. We need to know more about this.

    Nowhere have I heard it mentioned that the scheme might interfere with groundwater drainage. The embankment is to be supported by “a substantial wall consisting of sheet piled core penetrating into the clay”.

    Plans show this core to penetrate to a depth of some 5 metres. Surely as it is to reach the clay beneath, it will have a direct impact on groundwater flows, holding them back? Since time immemorial, the water that has collected on Shoebury Common has drained away underground into the sea.

    The water also comes from underground streams. A freshwater well existed in the area and was said to be fed by “a very fine spring in the direction of Rochford”.

    If groundwater flow can no longer find its way into the sea, where will it go? Into the homes and gardens of properties the council claims it is striving to protect?

    The Council acknowledges there will be “noisy construction activities (e.g. percussive pile driving)”. What about damage caused by the inevitable vibration?

    We need answers to these and many more questions. The whole issue should surely be the subject of an independent Public Inquiry. If readers’ agree, may I urge them to sign our e-petition on the HM Government Website at: "

    Readers' Letters, Southend Echo, April 25th 2014

    Public anger as council votes for 7ft high seawall by common

    'Berlin Wall' to be built at Shoebury

    Southend Echo, Thursday, April 10th 2014

    Shoebury Seawall is given go-ahead

    Controversial plans for a 2m-high wall across Shoebury Common will go ahead despite opposition from 8 out of 10 residents.

    Southend Standard, November 23rd 2013

    We'll call for inquiry if wall goes ahead

    Campaigners against a seawall in Shoebury will demand a public inquiry if the controversial scheme is given go ahead by Southend Council

    Southend Echo, November 15th 2013

    Mass Protest against Seawall Works

    Hundreds turn out for seawall protest

    Southend Echo, December 9th 2013

    The Council's proposals will make alterations to the Common which will be irreversible and potentially damaging. We shall loose a valuable asset in our natural environment and devastate a place intended for the benefit of the people of Shoebury and others as a place of safe recreation.

    There are alternative schemes that would have little or no impact on Shoebury Common and would give the same level of flood protection

    We need your support to help us
    Stop Southend Council destroying our heritage!


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