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1 Initial Stages

2 The Wollstonecraft Connection

3 Records at the Guildhall Library

4 Edward John's Family

5 Edward's Will

6 Edward Bland, Merchant Adventurer

7 Links with the Rutson Family

8 Poor Britannia!

9 Edward Wollstonecraft, Weaver and Citizen of London

10 Marin v Wollstonecraft

11 Entertained in the House of Nell Gwynn

12 The Chancellor's Decree and Order

13 Epilogue









Bibliography and Further Reading



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Edward, son of Edward and Elizabeth




Wollstonecraft, 23rd November 1783







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(Ms 9665):








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Lydia Wollstonecraft,




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Britannia, daughter of Edward Bland


and Lydia Wollstonecraft,




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